New PSA products, confirmed and hinted at, a list…

Hey everyone, as a more than casual fan of PSA (looking at my Stellar stack, can’t believe how good the Velvet Underground B-sides from the Peel Slowly and see box set sound as I write this) I’ve spent a lot of time reading through topics on the board and watched a lot of Paul’s vids, as I’m sure most of us ‘regulars’ have. Over the last year I’ve been sorting keeping a mental inventory on what PSA has announced and hinted at in various posts by Paul, Ted, James and the rest of the team in boulder. So far off the top of my head I’ve come up with these projects…

AirLens - Confirmed, in production, release date some time this year

Bridge bridge - Confirmed, release soon

Ted Smith Signature DAC - Confirmed, details unknown

PW Phono stage - Confirmed, details unknown

Aspen FRXX bookshelf speakers - Confirmed, maybe release ‘23

PSA Subwoofer - Confirmed, maybe release ‘23

Stellar CD player/transport - I believe this is confirmed, details unknown

Stellar/ Sprout speaker range - I believe this has been confirmed, or at least heavily hinted at, further details unknown

Powered speakers - hinted at, maybe included in the sprout/stellar range

Stand alone Sprout phono stage - hinted at details unknown

The Art of HiFi: Imaging - hinted at details unknown

This post/thread is not a means to get PSA to confirm anything they are not ready to, it’s just an opportunity to put everything that’s been discussed or speculated in one place.

Am I missing anything? If anyone has anything additional to add we could keep this list updated.

Pretty excited myself about the possibility of more stellar range stuff, and a ‘entry’ level phono stage.

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I expect a bigger preamp medium term, although not announced anywhere.

And I’m curious how long PSA as one of the full scale audio companies will not provide a half-self-developed turntable. Not that I think this makes sense…but most other such manufacturers seem to see the need and PSA also seemed to see the need to provide quite every component so far…except that one (for good reason in terms of not having to say much new there and not having noticeable experience in manufacturing one).

I’d like to see a BHK integrated amplifier in the range!

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That would be a pretty cool offering, don’t think anything’s been hinted at as of yet tho.

@RsZk Yeah, a top line integrated would be super cool.

Would it be a super integrated (streamer + DAC) or a pure integrated?

As I was putting this list together I was thinking about if we would ever see a turntable from PSA. I just saw that Schiit has discontinued their turntable saying the margin was razor thin and they didn’t sell enough to really continue to justify it.

Considering PSA I think uses a VPI in their reference system I wonder if anything is in the works. Only because we’ve seen the BHK600s, MK2 DAC and maybe now the PW Phono stage all have been tested in that system. But, maybe with the work on the PW phono stage I could imagine a cartridge as a possibility, maybe even something along the lines of how ZU mods the Denon 103s…. This of course is just speculation.

Sadly, Bascom King (BHK) has passed away, so any new products that he had not started work on bearing his initials are unlikely. However, he had started work on a Phono Preamp, but no word on whether PS Audio intends to try and finish it. Daren Meyers is the one working on the PerfectWave phono preamp, so perhaps they will just be going with that.

No cartridge, no tonearm, never. As for all others without general turntable know how, a set of OEM parts would make it I guess. That’s why it makes no sense what others like McIntosh etc. do…but it seems hard to resist, as one’s currently not “complete” when offering no turntable, especially if phono stages are in the portfolio. I think Paul’s current decision not to do it, is fine.

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