Stereophile Announces Stellar Phono Winner

Stereophile Announces Stellar Phono is their analog component of the year for 2020 congratulations to @paul and company. In the December 2020 issue.


Congrats PSA! I love mine.


Fantastic, well done!

Congratulations on an amazing job!

I could not find this on the internet anywhere…

The December issue is not out yet for the non-subscribing public.

I do subscribe…

I got the issue yesterday

Thanks! I will have something to look forward to.

Post a pic! We won’t tell anybody…

Please do not. It will be online soon.

(I do not know if Mr. Beef is joking or serious.)

Well, it IS published. Not like it’s a secret if it’s being delivered to people’s mailboxes.

But it is not PS Audio’s to copy and republish unless they receive permission. Once a link is up it is fair game.

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Thanks, Elk. We’ve been asked not to say anything publicly until November 10th which we will honor but if you receive a copy in the mail, it’s alright to talk about it on these forums. Probably best, as Elk suggests, not to post a photo of the page.


It is a remarkable achievement, especially given the superb, and expensive, competition.


Congrats Paul!

Although I don’t do records (vinyl for you youngsters :wink:) anymore, I’m glad PS Audio brought home the big prize.

Congrats. Big honor.

Congratulations! :trophy: :champagne: :clinking_glasses:

Thanks! The praise goes to our engineering group and in particular, Darren Myers. What an honor!