Tone Audio Accolades for DS Sr. and DMP

I don’t recall any acknowledgement of this recognition over at Tone Audio; i.e., Product(s) of the Year - Digital:

Link to Tone Audio 2017 Products of the Year

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No problem posting it again if it had been. Thanks!

I have not seen it before. The only Tone Audio article I recall discussing was about MQA.

Congratulations Paul and gang!

Excellent! Thanks for posting.

I just read the Tone Audio review. The DirectStream was mentioned in adjacent sentences to the Esoteric “six figure player” Grandioso, putting it within elite ranks. That’s a big positive. However the reviewer is plainly wrong on his numbers. The Grandioso is a five figure player, not even half-way to a six figure player. But the point remains, the PS Audio is a whole lot of something at its price point compared to much more expensive offerings from other manufacturers.

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Thanks, Elk!