Stock HDMI cable -- has anyone heard both the original 0.5m and the new 1.0m length?

Last week I received a replacement for the DMP I used for the beta test program. Early-on I am hearing a subtle difference but to come to any conclusions yet would hardly be fair because I haven't burned-in the new unit yet. But it does bear a question, I think, of whether anyone here has had a chance yet to compare the new HDMI cable length supplied with the DMP (1.0m) vs. the old one (0.5m). I am unable to do this since I returned the original cable with the beta-test unit, and the new one has come with the longer length.

Is anyone interested in parting with their original shorter cable or trading for the new one?

Rob, on pure speculation I had assumed that shorter is always better for cables. However, if I remember correctly, that may not always apply to HDMI cables. I think I read that some time ago in a discussion (perhaps relating to the DAC), in which Ted Smith was a participant. Couldn’t find it again when searching.

Nobo, not even a day, I think, after I started this thread I lost interest. My query hovered around an attempt to track down why the replacement DMP that I finally took delivery of a couple of weeks ago wasn’t sounding as delightful as I remembered the first one did. And either the new unit needing more of a burn-in or a different HDMI cable length were possible culprits. But another thread not long afterward brought to light that DMP’s were being shipped from the factory with a particular setting (“Pure Audio”) not enabled as it should have been. Turned out it wasn’t enabled on mine, either. Once corrected, what a transformation! Music of the spheres had returned. And neither a continued burn-in nor my acquisition of an original shorter-length cable were of interest anymore.

Rob said Music of the spheres had returned.
The first time musica universalis has been invoked on this site. High praise indeed.

What setting are you talking about? I don’t see any pure audio mode to enable???

On the DMP it is through a “secret” option that was supposed to be used only for the programmers. Go to the setup menu and touch the lower right hand corner of the DMP touch screen. A new menu appears with the option to enable or disable the pure audio mode. You want this enabled.