Pink Faun HDMI (IL-1) Cable

In honor of my recently purchased new (to me) 1M Pink Faun IL-1 IS2/HDMI cable, I am starting this thread for former, current and future IL-1 owners to report on and/or discuss their experiences with this cable.

My cable is in the mail (right @lonson? :slight_smile: ).

Thanks all,


Because you didn’t want a weekend delivery I didn’t want to chance mailing yours today and will mail it in the morning. So in twelve hours or so, yes it will be in the mail.

As for my input on the thread: I didn’t use this cable an awful lot. I bought it used and apparently well broken in, I liked it a lot at first–it’s very detailed and fast. . . . Ultimately I needed a bit more “heft” to the sound a bit more “body” to the imaging, put my tried and true HDMI cable I had used for so long before back in, and decided to leave it in–either I’m so familiar with it using it over a decade or it just suits my system a bit better. So I reduced the price I paid for it by over 100 dollars and sold it to Scotte.

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Thanks for the input.

Just joshing you about the shipping. :wink:

Oh, I knew that, just giving an update.

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How long is yours? :grinning: