Strata - DAC / why not versatile

This would add to the price, but would fix the streamer problem:
$315 DigiOne Signature streamer from Allo

I have their BOSS Dac + RaspberryPI 3. Using it as a DAC and streamer, it’s awesome.

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I recently went deeply through this thought process. I decided that having an all in one that was going to be, unto itself, relevant for 10 years was simply not possible. Yet I like what’s happening on the integrated amp front these days. This led to a compromise in my thinking - the all in one plus one.

Get a discounted Hegel integrated to have one less box and seamless integration between amp and pre by eliminating one set of interconnects/ power cables. And add a separate DAC that can be sold off in a few years when the spirit moves.

So far, I’m very pleased with this strategy. Hegel heavily discounts old lines a few months before a new line is coming out.

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The M33 does have slot upgradable provisions.