Strata - Gapless Flac

Hi All, I am trying to play my FLAC files gapless through the Strata but cant seem to get it working. Is there a way to get this to work? The apps “gapless” toggle doesn’t really do anything for me.


Welcome to the forum Jamie.

I’m by no means an expert in these matters but I did have the following thought. Did you do the rips and FLAC conversions yourself? If so, it may be worth checking that you didn’t unknowingly add some digital padding at the beginning or ending of each track. Some ripping apps, such as EAC, allow you to do this.

Hey Mike, thank you.

Yeah, I ripped them years ago using dBpoweramp. I fairly certain they are all ripped with no padding and play gapless on my A&K portable & Foobar on my computer. When I analyse the spectrum on “Spek” there are no gaps at each end (normally files with errors will not show spectrum).


Welcome Jamie! If you’re trying to use the streamer within the Strata, it won’t be able to do gapless. Sadly the streamer within it isn’t capable of doing gapless. I’m not certain, but I think the streamer doesn’t have a large enough buffer to do so.


Ok, thanks James. That’s disappointing.

Not really a PS Audio question but would something like Roon or jriver feeding the strata be able to do gapless?

Trying to find a workaround somewhere as I have loads of mix CDs ripped to FLAC.

You bet. If you were to feed Roon or JRiver into the DAC portion through USB, you’d absolutely get gapless. It’s just simply a bottleneck of the onboard streamer.

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It’s the server+streamer that needs to support gapless. At that point it will just be feeding an endless supply of “music bits” into the Strata’s DAC.

Not all Roon endpoints support gapless but any RAAT based endpoint will be gapless. I use an Allo Digione Signature via coax into the Strata and it works great. A cheaper option is a Raspberry Pi via USB as was mentioned above but I like the SPDIF route. I like RoPieee or DietPi software to load the Roon Bridge.

Can’t comment on jRiver as I’ve not used it.

Thanks for your responses everyone. I’ll look into the options.