Streamer Options Question (Swear this isn't yet another "recommend a streamer" thread...)

Main system DAC is a DS w/ Bridge II; Secondary system is a Brooklyn Bridge (mkI) used exclusively for headphone listening. Systems are in different rooms in the house. Roon Core is a Mac Mini in a room separate from both systems.

I’m a bit of a digital dunce, so I when I stream I’ve always kept it simple–Roon/Tidal straight to the DAC.

I’d like to be able to stream (streaming service mostly for jam-bandy type music). Nugs is a mix of 16/44.1, MQA and some limited DSD. Nugs isn’t a supported service on Roon or really any other software, with the exception of BluOS.

For my secondary system, I’ll probably move the Mac Mini to the same room and connect to the Mytek via USB, which gets me there on that system.

So, thinking solely about my main system, are these two my only solid options?

  1. Purchase a Node or NAD streamer (each support BluOS) and connect to DS via digital out (USB or whatever).

  2. Purchase a slightly better standalone streamer (such as a G2.1), which is probably a more appropriate match for my main system, use USB connectivity to the DS for Roon and Airplay for Nugs (my understanding is that Airplay is limited to 16/44.1).

If these are indeed my only two options, then is one option preferable over the other: sound quality-wise from the perspective of a hard connection to the DS vs. Airplay or Bluetooth?

Also, are there any other nuances here that I am missing/should be considering?

I can always demo, etc., but I hate to go down the rabbit hole with dealers without a basic understanding of my options and the advantages and disadvantages of each.

And, by the way, over the weekend, I saw my first live concerts in 18 months. It was glorious…

Thanks in advance,

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Difficult to answer your question. I have the feeling you are looking for a flexible high quality streaming PC with things like linear power supplies, clocking on the output (e.g. Ethernet or USB) and high quality casing and the ability to install your own software (minimserver, Roon, HQPlayer).

Is this correct?

Could DTS play Nugs? If yes, this could be worth checking:

Yeah, I can see your point regarding my question. Maybe a 3 or 4 point wish list is a better approach:

  1. Ability to stream music services (Nugs and perhaps others) not traditionally supported by the typical software solutions (e.g., Roon, MConnect, etc.) to DS DAC in at least 16/44.1, but capability for higher is better. MQA is a nice have, but not a must have.

  2. A better solution than a Mac Mini. In my main system, Mac Mini feeding the DS (through a Silnote Epirus USB) sounds veiled/muddled. Mac Mini also introduces noticeable RFI-type noise into the system even when not directly being used. Strangely enough, using the Mac Mini and same USB in secondary system does not have the same problem.

  3. Ability to control via Ipad.

  4. USB or I2S output preferable (just given I understand those are the best inputs for the DS)

Also @Serhan, I’m not familiar with the DTS platform, but I’ll check it out.

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It’s quite a challenge to have all we wish. With a bit of research, your points above are realistic and you’ll definitely find what you’re looking for.

HELP: Bluesound Node 2i Streamer connected to integrated amp. HELP with analog vs digital connections?

My understanding is that my Peachtree Nova300’s built in DAC doesn’t decode MQA. So it would make sense to let the DAC in my node decode it and the connect the Node to my Nova300 analog correct? Which would bypass the DAC in my Peachtree?

Would it make sense to connect digitally for non MQA, to allow the “better?” DAC in the Nova to do the work.

Any clarity here would be appreciated on best way to utilize and optimize the Node 2i with my Integrated amp. Not ready to take the jump to PS Audio but Paul has been convincing me haha. Though I don’t deserve it yet, I need to understand these things better before upgrading further.

Re point 3. The only things I know off is mconnect or JRiver control app controlling a Windows machine running jriver