Streaming DSD to a bluray/sacd player

Just a little “thought” problem. I know that a SACD player cannot output DSD from a SACD to an outboard DAC over a digital optical or coax connection. But what if you streamed DSD to the player? Then would the output be available on those connections? Isn’t it the internal DAC that is doing the encryption?

Hi mikedc,

I think the premise of your question is not quite correct. It may be worth your while to browse, for example, the Ripping SACDs: Means and Methods topic.

I know how to rip SACD to .DSF. I’m asking about using my disc player as a streamer (i.e., no discs involved).

I stream DSF via my micro-rendu all day long. It outputs over USB into my Directstream. My bluray disc player can also act as a streamer. Using DLNA, it can pull audio files from my NAS. My question is, if my disc player supports .DSF, shouldn’t it be able to output DSF via coax to the DirectStream?

Ah-ha! Thanks for the clarification. :wink:

AFAIK, an SACD transport does the decoding and outputs a raw DSD bitstream to its internal DAC via an I²S connection using a ‘decryption’ chip licensed by Sony. There may be some seperate transport/DAC combo devices out there but I don’t know of any.

DSF (DSD Stream File) is a file storage format and, I believe, not used as a communication protocol.

Edit: Oops! I think PS Audio does have such a transport/DAC combo but I don’t think you’re able to intercept the bitstream between them if it originated from an SACD.

That would make sense. I didn’t really understand where the decryption was taking place. Thanks!

They have audio extractors that pull data from HDMI, but I dont remember if they worked with DSD. I sold mine. My OPPO 203 can read a NAS and play 2 or 5.1 channel via the HDMI, and it is Roon capable for 2ch only.