Ripping SACDs: Means and Methods

Hello all.

I am starting to plan for getting SACD layers from my collection archived and available for streaming. I know that the topic has been touched upon here and there in the forum, but I thought it might be worth while to have a thread devoted to the “how to” of the matter.

Please post your kit, software and other recommendations and tips here for all to reference. Lessons learned and things to avoid would also be very helpful.

Thanks in advance.



If this has already been addressed extensively somewhere else on the forum, let me know and I’ll delete this topic, if/as appropriate.



Something to get us started:

Hat Tip: @DavidF


I’ve been referring to the Copper Magazine article on ripping SACDs. I plan to pick up one of the listed Sony players if I decide to rip my collection, likely the BX510. I am curious how others have made out using one of these Sony players.

Down the Rabbit Hole of SACD Ripping and DSD Extraction - Tom Gibbs


Excellent! I totally missed this article when it was first published. (Probably b/c the topic was not yet of interest to me.)

Thanks for posting.

Keep 'em coming folks.

It’s pretty easy once you get the hang of it.

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Remember also to power off your Blu-Ray player. The software doesn’t work if you don’t.

I also followed the Copper Magazine approach and used the software to which it (indirectly–through HiFi Haven) links, on both a Mac and a PC. I picked up a used Sony BDP-S590 on eBay quite cheap. The articles list a number of players that work and I picked this one more or less at random. It’s worked very well for me.


I just rely on @paul172 to do it for me.
It’s easy, and it’s fun!

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I don’t know what you are talking about.


I have a SONY BDP S6500 and a USB stick with the right crack version. Total investment in this is less than $40 those Sony upscaling 4k players are CHEAP on eBay. And with my model I don’t always have to power cycle, Most times it’s just pull USB out, shove back in and watch the BPD player cycle the tray. It’s pretty simple.

It so much easier to text “Paul, send me the files please”.


Thanks much for the thread. I’m considering the same rabbit hole so will follow with a great deal of interest.

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Did you check out the link that @carbonF1 provided earlier in the thread?


I scanned the link destinations and looked up a couple of referenced players but haven’t dug in yet.

Same here…

Just a bit intimidating.

I too use a Sony BDP-S6500 (free from a friend) and USB (SACDExtractGUI).

worked like a champ. Just did new Steely Dan release a few weeks ago. I created a step by step text file I keep on that computer as I dont do every day.


I remember back in the day when I had a turntable and started recording my LP’s to cassette tapes so I could play them in my truck and portable cassette player. Every time I upgraded my cartridge or cassette recorder, I felt compelled to re-record my whole catalog again.
At one point I said enough is enough, I’m not going through that whole process again.
When I think about recording my CD’s and SACD’s so I can stream them, I stop myself, because I know I’ll feel compelled to do the same damn thing every time I upgrade my DAC, or a better process comes along for burning the discs.


Apples and oranges, IMO.