Streaming music, radio stations, hi rez?

I have a DS Jr coming and I am going to hook it up to my wifi with a bridge until I can run a ethernet cable to

my room. New to the digital data world, I do not have a computer with my music installed. I did have a

squezzebox touch for a while so I liked being able to got to the different stations to listen to all types of

music, what does everyone use/like any hi rez to take advantage of the DSD?

Five months and no replies? Not hi-res, but I’m a big fan of, commercial free listener supported streaming radio out of San Francisco. Rusty and the crew have been doing it right for years. Many stations to choose from, DroneZone my favorite. It is only 128k MP3, but it is startling how good the DSJ can make low resolution sound.

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I do not recall even a mention of station streaming in a long while. People appear to either listen to their own purchased music or to library streaming services where you choose what to listen to.

I’ll second SomaFM, my favorites are Space Station and Groove Salad. Both sound quite good for AAC 128. Sure would love to find an equivalent for classical music. I’m sure one exists, I just haven’t taken the time to find it. Searching for internet radio is a real rabbit hole, many options and lots of them are from the other side of the pond; language barriers can make it more challenging to understand what they are streaming. It also doesn’t help that I use JRiver which is on a computer two floors up. Can’t search without getting my lazy butt out of the basement!

If you are looking for an eclectic mix of mostly rock, my favorite is Radio Paradise. Definitely worth a listen. Do give them a while, and more than one try, as their material is pretty wide ranging.