streaming quality

Hi all,

Just wondering if anyone tried streaming services like Rdio via usb to the pwd? And is it worth it from an SQ point of view

I have streamed various Internet stations via S/PDIF. While limited in quality due to the relatively low bitrate of these services, it works very well.

I have streamed internet radio through the AES/EBU input. As Elk said, it works fine. I have been sometimes surprised at how listeable it is, even though it’s surely not hi-res. Depends on what they’re playing, to some extent.

I stream radio using an airport express (toslink) and it sounds quite good.

Yes, I should have noted the sound is indeed quite good and enjoyable.

Can some tell me if the beta JR MC 18 will stream, say Pandora ? If not yet does the Win ?

@daphan1 I stream MOG via USB and fine the SQ very good. The quality of your USB cable makes a difference in this situation. MOG streams at 320 if my memory is serving me correctly. At any rate they had the highest bit rate of any of the services when I last checked and a large catalog as well.