Streaming OS options for Rasberry Pi 4

Treading the waters of streamer options of the Pi world. Currently trying Dietpi with Roon Bridge and comparing it to RoPiee. Haven’t played with Volumio yet, but that’ll be next.

For the good peoples here who have more experience in this area, are there better sounding options out there I should add to my list to try?


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I have created super low-jitter RPi4 image (for USB Audio only) , running RoonBridge , or MPD. I also had version with UpNP in the past.

For last year I was not able to improve it much so i’d say it’s probably maximum one can get from RPi4… Would be curious to hear from other people about the SQ :slight_smile:


Definite upvote for Logitech Media Server and Squeezelite here - and the easiest way to manage it is to use “picoreplayer”.
This is a dedicated “tiny” linux that is managed fro ma webpage, and allows the loading, in addition to squeezelite, of a Logitech Media Server instance, and a graphical controller interface too, if you wish.
It also does upsampling (when used as a streamer) and has many many plugins (when used as a LMS instance) including qobuz, tidal, radio paradise, BBC sounds etc. etc.

This assumes you don’t already have a local server, or only want to stream from internet sources,


Thanks for the link, going to give it a shot in a week or two. Currently using barebone Robieee via USB 2.0. Already sounding really good without any tweaks. Looking forward to hear some improvements. Now just need to get a load of micro SD cards. :stuck_out_tongue:


In my experience Ropiee beats Volumio. Better still: try Moode for best SQ.

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