Roon Streamer for PS Audio Sprout100

I’m working on a multi-room project (Sonos Upgrade) and looking for a Roon Streamer for the PS Audio Sprout100. Considering costs, I think a Raspberry Pi 4B running Ropieee connecting via USB is an ideal pairing. I’m looking for some feedback and your experiences on the additional items I should invest in when connecting the Pi 4B to the Sprout 100.

-If I’m using a USB Rectifier such as an AQ Jitterbug or iFi Purifier 3, should I also invest in a high-end Power Supply such as iFi Power X? What is the better bang for your buck?
-Would you recommend the AQ Jitterbug or iFi Purifier 3?
-If I’m using the iFi Purifier 3 (Pi >> Cable >> iFi Purifier 3 >> DAC) does it make sense to invest in a higher quality USB cable, say AQ Forest vs AQ Carbon?

I’m open to other Roon Streamers but the next logical jump seems to be the Blue Node2i at $549 which almost as much as the Sprout100.

Looking forward to the feedback and opinions on how you would approach.

The competition is the Project S2 Ultra. There is a comparison in this article.
It’s for the plug and play brigade, like me.

Frankly, you could get an Innuos Mini Mk3 for $1,250 and solve all your problems and have a great server as well. I use my Zen Mk3 as a Roon streamer.

I would go with a Raspberry Pi running RoPieeeXL into the Sprout’s USB input. Absolutely no question.

For a minimal investment ($100), it will surpass the sprout’s needs. (Not saying the sprout is a slouch, but if you already have a Roon core up and running, the Pi will do everything you need it to.)

Roon endpoint
Spotify Connect
Bluetooth if needed
HQPlayer NAA

There’s a microRendu on Audiogon that is going for $200. That’s a good deal…

The rendu system is outstanding. I just purchased an opticalrendu and it just works!

I would also recommend a microRendu. Damn near bulletproof. And it’s very small. Easy to hide.

Sorry, I stand corrected… it’s on auction starting at $200, but 0 bids so far.

Make an offer and see what happens. Good luck!

Thanks for pointing that out, I’ll take a look.

I hear ya about the Sprout and it’s all about lining up the right components. I do have Roon up and running Any experience or thoughts on adding using an iFi power supply and/or AQ Jitterbug or iFi Purifier 3.

I like the idea of the Node 2i and happen to have one for sale, $350 shipped to your door if you are interested :)…