Internet Radio in CD and MQA quality

I am lately truly enjoying Radio Paradise, they are streaming in CD quality and MQA. My streaming / DAC devices support MQA. It’s integrated in BluOS.

I utilize MQA. A major improvement in Internet Radio service. Actually the first internet radio station that does not fatigue or has so poor Audio quality that I want to change to other sources.


Plus one for Radio Paradise here - I listen to their world and eclectic mix quite a lot :slight_smile:
Not noticed any MQA options (and I don’t have MQA stuff here - I like linear PCM encoding, I know what’s going on there!) but the quality is most excellent.

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Long time fan of Radio Paradise. Good quality stream.


and you can skip tracks which is just brilliant :slight_smile:


Haven’t figured that one out yet, thanks for sharing.

I like the MQA broadcast so much that I am going to order me some MQA discs. Hard to get as most MQA discs need to be imported from Japan.

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Another feature of Radio Paradise that I like is that my streamer shows the cover art of the Album each song belongs to.

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It does just seem to be super slick :slight_smile:

Skipping tracks just magically happened when I selected the “interactive” stream from the following list:

[ World/Etc Mix - FLAC Interactive ]
[ World/Etc Mix - FLAC Regular Stream ]
[ World/Etc Mix - AAC 320kbps ]
[ World/Etc Mix - AAC 128kbps ]

Jazz Groove is nice, although hearing the best of its features requires a reasonable “donation.” -Well worth it to me, regardless.

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Another RP fan. When just listening I enjoy the links to the artist Wikipedia pages.