Streamlength and WASAPI

First of all I feel like I owe MR. Smith and MR. McGowan lunch already :slight_smile:

The Streamlength driver must be installed for the WASAPI option in FOOBAR or Jriver. I thought that was built into Windows and that is the ASIO driver? I would prefer to uninstall it if not using ASIO. It seems I cannot as it also provides WASAPI support? Or is something haywire with my machine? Meanwhile it works very nicely. I discovered ASIO works as well. It defaulted to 32 Bit and must be 24 Bit to function correctly. Just wondering if there is some way I can get WASAPI without any driver installed? I mean it has KS and DS of course.


I’m not sure what you mean by “Streamlength driver” PS Audio provides a driver install that provides ASIO and WASAPI (ks isn’t needed since the introduction of WASAPI.) Recently (in the last year or so) Windows 10 started including a USB Audio 2.0 WASAPI driver - I ran some basic tests with it and found that I needed to change to event mode WASAPI instead of push mode with the PS Audio WASAPI driver (or was it the other way around?). AFAIK there’s nothing to be gained by not using the PS Audio driver and in my limited experience it’s more reliable than the builtin Windows USB Audio 2.0 driver for use with PS Audio products.

My bad. I thought that was a Streamlength USB driver package many venders use. It is no problem to use yours. I just personally like minimal things installed but it is fine. It is not like it is very big. You answered my question though. Your driver provides WASAPI as well as ASIO.

Thank you