Drivers and Windows 10 April update

According to a thread on the Computer Audiophile website, the upgrade to Windows 10 that is being rolled out this month contains support for USB 2.0 audio. My audio computer, which has the PSA drivers installed, will update itself any day now. I assume that my NPC will continue to work as usual — yes? Hopefully I won’t have to uninstall the drivers.

What about users who obtain a Windows 10 machine in the future? Will they need to install drivers for PSA equipment?

Upgrading to Windows 10 Creator’s edition didn’t mess with my PS Audio drivers and my DS kept working fine so I suspect that an NPC will continue to work fine after an upgrade as well.

I uninstalled the PS Audio drivers and indeed when I plugged the DS back in Windows 10 Creator’s edition did provide a driver. It only supports WASAPI and DirectSound. Also (at least so far) WASAPI event mode (as opposed to the older push mode) didn’t work well with foobar2000. But the push mode WASAPI works fine with all sample rates and formats I’ve tried (including DSD single and double rate.) With JRiver MC 22 both event mode and push mode WASAPI work fine (so far.)

So if you are using JRiver MC or a newer version of foo_input_sacd (roughly > 1.0.2) then you don’t need the PS Audio drivers for the DS if WASAPI or DirectSound gives you what you want.

The new Creators update did not cause any problems for me either.

Thanks to both Ted and Elk. I have been using ASIO when I record from my NPC – guess I will continue to do so if Creators Edition lets me keep using the existing driver. (Who came up with that name anyway?? Oh, wait, it’s from Microsoft. I withdraw the question.)