Trouble with ASIO driver

First, I did not want to everyone to think I was a jerk just ask questions. Plus I am incredibly sorry to Jeremy in service.

That being said I am having one issue with Foobar related to PSA ASIO. I switched form Jriver because it could not play my stream. So I go to Foobar and am met with another issue.

The issue in Foobar is that it will not take exclusive access of the ASIO driver. Other content in other applications will still play. AFAIK there should be a halt of the other application with an error message to the effect of “the sound device is currently busy” or something like that. Either there is a bug or something I am missing because I admit I am pretty dumb.

I would quite frankly rather use Jriver but have no idea why it will not play a popular FLAC stream. DLNA set up and WDM loaded. So I do not get this either. It just says “there is nothing to play”.

Unless you guy’s recommend another player. I am willing to buy it no problem. My thing is not library but rather sound quality. I know they all sound the same but I mean good DSP etc.

I would greatly appreciate any help at all.


It’s not a feature of ASIO per se to take exclusive access, but many ASIO drivers do. You can use the windows sound properties of the “Speakers (PS Audio PerfectWave DSD)” device and on the Advanced page click both of the options in the “Exclusive” section. While you are there you should also “Disable all sound effects” on the Enhancements page.

I should add that there really is no difference (as far as DAC performance and features) between using ASIO or WASAPI. As you’ve seen they both funnel to the same low-level driver. ASIO is really designed for low latency when editing audio. Low latency is actually often a problem and more twitchy than having slightly larger buffers so it’s not always good to use ASIO to talk to an output only or input only device when latency doesn’t matter. If you do use WASAPI try both Event mode and Push mode, one choice or the other may work better on a given system systems.

Something must be wrong with Foobar or it’s settings. With any form of WASAPI, it will not pass the Bit perfect test. There is no DSP applied or upsampling. Same way it passes on ASIO. I would just use Jriver but I cannot get it to play this stream. With everything properly set up to do so. So that must be why I was not using WASAPI and forgot. If you have any other ideas that would be great. I appreciate you answered this question too.


Did you verify that the OS’s volume is at 100 and that the OS’s balance is 100,100 and that the “Disable all sound effects” in the PS Audio device sound properties Enhancements page (these are all be enumerated in the instructions at

With either ASIO or WASAPI in foobar2000 you need to be using “24-bit” as your “Output format” on the and for you need the foobar2000 volume to be “0.00dB” (all the way up.)

Yes to everything.

Fixed it! The Windows settings had to be at 16,44.1 while Foobars settings had to be at 24 Bit. I do now get an error upon playback of any other source simultaneously. I also get Bit perfect. This works perfect. Thank you!

Asking questions is always appropriate!

I use Foobar with the PS Audio-supplied drivers and never had a single problem with any source material and they both pass the PS Audio bit-for-bit test. (As long as you follow Ted’s instructions to ensure Windows isn;t screwing with the stream) So…

What is wrong with using the PS Audio supplied drivers in Foobar? They just work.

BTW, two PS Audio drivers appear in the Foobar dropdown, I tried both, and both work… I use the DSD version.

Bruce in Philly

Yes, all that is set up. Wasapi works fine. No reason for me not to use it. The issue with ASIO is if another sound application is opened it does not give an error like it should. However, it does not play any sound either. Both do pass Bit perfect. I just prefer WASAPI. Plus as MR. Smith said it could actually be better. You can adjust the buffer in either though. I actually did prefer WASAPI until I read ASIO is better. Perhaps for recording multi channel. Not sure about playback. Either one bypasses the KX mixer in windows. I figure either is fine but I just prefer WASAPI. I like good cables and such for instance but do not get into the madness. Bit perfect is Bit perfect. Unless using DSP, Upsampling is a different story.


I’m having trouble accessing the PS Audio ASIO settings. I think I followed the instructions pertaining to the Stellar Gain Cell DAC/Preamp.


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