Stuff Between Speakers-How Tall is Too Tall

I realized a nice improvement in sound stage depth and definition by knocking the component rack down to what you see sitting on the floor. This is a temporary solution but I’d like the permanent solution to be along the same lines - longish but low.
Well the missus hates the emptiness between the speakers and would rather see a console of sorts. She’s been pretty accommodating in letting me take over the space so to keep the peace are there any guidelines as to how tall something behind the speakers can be without significant impact on sound stage?
Are there other aesthetic improvements that won’t affect the sound stage?


assuming that the speaker plastic wrap is temporary


re any taller…I expect any taller than what you now have would be counterproductive (for sound stage!)

Just removed my flat screen tv to another room, though still an even larger window (lanai) than yours…keeping my blinds closed improved things too

I tend to agree with @akro on this. You could experiment, however, if you have anything you could use to simulate racks of different heights. I used a bunch of old bookshelf shelving I had lying around, and various things like stacked books to simulate equipment. I suspect you’d find gradual deterioration in spatial presentation the higher up you went. Although with Maggies (those are Maggies, aren’t they?), the results may occur differently than with typical front firing speakers.

My LRS’ are about 57" from the wall and are not affected by a low coffee table that is between 'em. In fact the table helps with the illusion of the sound stage, compared to with nothing at all but empty carpet betwen them.

Are we looking at your living room or your home office?My first take would be not extending the rig higher than the bottom of the window. Perhaps experimenting with different sizes of cardboard boxes wil help determine any negative sound impact.
Furthermore, dressing the wall with an acoustic curtain from ceiling to floor will also aid aesthetically (and hide the absorbers). Without curtain you may need some diffusers in the middle, also where the window is.
Do you already have some absorption in the back of your listening position? Any reflections from the adjacent room?

Great suggestions. Many thanks!
Under the plastic wrap are Spatial M4 Sapphires. They’re currently about 42” from the front wall. Depending on what ends up behind them, they will likely come out another 6” or so.
The setup is in a bonus room that was a shared office space and bedroom. The office remains and extends another 8’ from the printer to what would otherwise be the LH side wall.
I’m not sure about reflections from this space. It’s full of desk and bookcase and the 2 absorption panels stored next to the corner traps are intended mirror the RH side wall first reflection panels during critical listening. I’m hoping they’ll compensate for the LH speakers opening up to the office space.
The rear wall isn’t finished but does have 4 2x2 panels similar to the corner traps.
My first thought was to buy another Pangea rack but only use 3 of the 4 shelves. Two of these sitting side by side would be as wide as they are now and come up to just under the window sill. I can certainly reassemble one and mimic the other to test the effect.
Thanks for the help.

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Two three shelf Vulcan rakes should do the trick as they are less than 24" high and should have little if any effect on the Spatial’s.

So I like low as well. Let me show my stuff on vtl racks. Simple easy not that expensive.


Vulcan and VTL. I’ll have a look. Thanks much!