Successor to the BHK Preamplifier?


Did PS Audio announce or leak a successor to the BHK Signature Preamplifier? They are showing up on the used market at a much higher rate than normal. I know new speakers, DAC and music server are in the works.

I am in the market for a used BHK Preamp in black, but have yet to find a good deal. Pandemic increased used pricing. :confused:



Didn’t BHK have a bigger version in the works?

But since the announced big phono stage several years ago he seems to be in a sabbatical.

“I am in the market for a used [BHK Preamp] in black, but have yet to find a good deal. Pandemic increased used pricing.”

Not black but available… No affiliation.

I think what you are seeing is the normal resale after a product has been around a few years. One good thing about a preamp, unlike dacs, streamers, etc, there is no reason to really upgrade unless there is a feature one is dying to have (assuming you like how it sounds). How much additional improvement can be added after 3 or four years in the analogue realm? Assuming the replacement is in the same price range. Manufacturers update products to keep their line “fresh” or due to parts availability and visual appeal. Plus, new products get reviews in all the audio outlets. One more thing, the BHK series was released during the retail outlet era of PSA. Prices ad discounts were all over the place. A new version within the direct sale method will likely help PSA retain some higher used values.