BHK Pre -no longer for sale on PSA website

This probably not worth starting a thread over but I was surprised
Are they phasing it out?

Looks like it’s still for sale on web site to me…

weird when looked earlier it said “contact dealer”

Still looks available to me.

In an Ask Paul video, he said that there was a new preamp in the offing…

They had that same glitch back when they offered the initial trade-in deal on the MkII. I remember because I briefly compared the out-of-pocket for trading my DSD Jr for the MkII vs trading my SGCD for a BHK, and they were very close. When I was thinking I was going to go the preamp direction, I looked again at the website, and it had no way to add the BHK to the cart, and just said “contact dealer,” which I took to mean they’d stopped production, and only overseas units were available. I asked James about it and he said they were still being produced, stocked, and offered for sale, and didn’t know why the website said what it did. A few days later it was back to normal.

And then I ended up not getting either, and upgraded my turntable instead. :wink:

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A new Stellar preamp is in the wings, but not a PerfectWave BHK. That new Stellar won’t be available until maybe summer.

Thx Craig-
This is what I encountered

Hmm, now I’m intrigued. Maybe a dedicated Stellar DAC to go along with it?

Maybe…. Nothing will happen for quite some time, but late summer or so we should have a few surprises.

Great idea to get improved preamp for stellar range to better match quality of m1200, imo. And also smart idea to break a lower-cost dac out from the preamp, if that is what happens

Which of those have you experienced?

The separated Stellar DAC and Pre are still a ways out but we have a proto pre that is passing music and the initial impression by the few that have heard it is simply stunning. I’ve yet to hear it. :expressionless:


Care to hint about any new phono pre?

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That’s what I was hoping to hear.