Sugarcube SC-2

Thanks. A positive review.

I continue to find fascinating how vinyl aficionados such as Mr. Fremer often acknowledge that an A/D, digital processing, and D/A does very little damage to even an analog signal as excellent as his system produces.

The sound file he includes at the end is an excellent addition.

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The more reviews of this thing I read, the more I’m inclined to get one.

I don’t have a giant record collection, but I tend to buy far more used vinyl than new, and quality/grading is hit or miss. Albums that look great, might even have noise after cleaning.

Not sure I’d bother ripping/saving the albums as digital files, but who knows. Might be my next new hobby as we continue to be home for a while.

If having one made me inclined to listen to more recordings I would purchase one.

I have done click and pop repair with software. The result can be excellent.

It appears they have done a great job.

here are links to a 2 part interview with Dave McNair about mastering. He talks about the analong converted to digital and why it sounds better. It’s more about master tape vs digital though. I found it really interesting.

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Anyone interested in a Pepsi Challenge?

I have been following this thread with interest as I have been fumbling around with vinyl post processing a little bit myself. I have here the title track from an original US pressing of Van Morrison’s Tupelo Honey, one with SC-2 processing and one with minimal click repair settings (under 10) You be the judge!


The sugarcube lowered the noise floor, not in a subtle way either. Quite amazing

I got an SC1 during the original Kickstarter campaign. I have been very pleased with it. I have plenty of old, mistreated records that are made listenable. It is fun to listen to what is removed as the filter is varied from min to max. At the max setting music is being cut out, but that is a setting that would be used for a record in really bad shape. I have tried it on a couple of damaged records; they move from horrible to really bad. For otherwise clean records setting the filter to 3 keeps out those occasional clicks that can interrupt the flow of quiet passages. In bypass mode any degradation is due to the extra cables and the switch.
My old unit has a latency of about a second so the initial sound arrives a noticeable time after dropping the needle. I am very glad that I got one; also thankful for the great kickstarter pricing.

Thanks for the report. I am delighted to learn how pleased people are with these units.