Sweet Vinyl - Sugar Cube


I am incredably excited about this product. Eliminates ticks and pops and saves Vinyl rips to song files with metadata attached. If it only works half as well as advertised, I’m buying it. I’m ready to rip all my analog and sell all the records and gear. Downsizing my life!



Having read a bit about the Sugarcube, I must say it’s a pretty impressive unit. I wish it had been around a year ago, otherwise I’d have purchased it. There’s a pretty good thread all about it in SteveHoffman forums here:


In the thread, an owner provided a clip of a rip with and without the de-clicking. I’ve taken that clip and run it through the excellent program Vinyl Studio to de-click it and compared it to the Sugarcube de-clicked file. To my ears, the SC file is definitely superior. Both the VS and SC files are pretty well de-clicked. However, in the VS file I noticed the slightest distortion on top of the underlying noise that is not there with the Sugarcube repaired file in the spoken intro of the track. To my ears, the noise in the Sugarcube file is smoother and more natural. It’s almost as if the VS has allowed for a small residue of the original clicks in place of the clicks on the repaired file. Kind of as if the peak of the click waveform was chopped off, but there is still a little shoulder area left. I don’t notice anything once the music starts, but you might in a very quiet passage. The Sc file has no discernible distortion. It just sounds like a clean record, which is the point! The Sugarcube is the real deal, it seems.


amgradmd: Thanks for the link to the Steve Hoffman forum and your comments comparing your results with the SugarCube file vs Vinyl Studio.

I just got a catalog from Music Direct that has the SugarCube SC-1 on the back cover. Price is $1999 and does click and pop removal only; no headphone amp or recording capability. Their price for the SC-2 is $2999, so prices have gone up from what they were in other postings I have seen on the web. So far, Music Direct is the only place I have found where you can buy these.

At 7:30 in this youtube video, Leo Hoarty of SweetVinyl comments on how they are not using an approach that uses filters and peak limiters or peak detectors.


If I could afford it, I would get an SC-2 for ripping my vinyl. One step from needle drop to recording of digital files in your choice of format, including track splitting and meta data.