Suggestion: Jumpers with handle for BHK pre

Lost a jumper when changing voltage. Suggestion to PS Audio, these are so much easier to grab with hemostats or fingers.


Great suggestion! I passed it over to engineering. The jumpers in there can be a bit of a pain, I’ll agree.

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Thanks, I just came back to tag you. I changed to a new set of tubes as one of my current ones got noisy on me. I use hemostats as I can’t grab them without man handling the power board just behind…anyway, the hemostats snapped and the jumper flung into the ether.

Fortunately, I found one on an old retired PC that I should dispose of. I’ve only encountered these with the finger tabs a few times in all my years working with computers, but they sure are easier to handle and can’t cost much, if any, more.

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