Suggestion to new powerplant

I have used almost all models of powerplants. There are now more and more people playing their music with computer or NAS. It is usually named as CAS system.

It uses computer, network router and/or network attached storage to stream data to DAC. High quality DC supply is needed, they are mostly 12V DC.

It will be very preferable if the future P20, or so, has high quality DC output. Technically there is certainly not a problem, it is the marketing that matter.

The problem with incorporating it with a PS Power unit, as I see it, is do you really want all that computer hardware right next to the stereo components (also powered by that same power unit)? Most folks like to keep the computer components well away from the stereo components. With respect to powering those computer components there are high quality DC power supplies available, Red Wine comes to mind. Not sure if DC Power Plants are something PS Audio wants to expand into.

Yes, the traditional belief is to separate computer gear with stereo equipment as much as possible.

The current trend of CAS and streaming audio data to DAC has mixed the two together. One of the main result to separate the computer gear is due to the high level of noise generated by the switching power supply. Replacing the switching power supply with linear power supply significantly improvement the sound and lowering the background noise.

I have two separate linear power supplies for my NAS and router. If powerplant can include linear power supply alongside its AC supply. It is a BIG bonus. I would certainly want one, or two. With the large power transformer and capacitors of powerplant, it will have an advantage over the small DIY type linear supply.

That is why I made this suggestion to PS Audio who also produces DAC for streaming audio.

I think that this would be a fantastic idea, providing the power plant can sufficiently isolate the DC. Computer applications were mentioned, but what comes to mind for me is the application for such devices as buffer amps (Musical Fidelity for example), and other gear that uses an outboard supply. The trouble that I see with this concept is that there many variants of DC required, i.e. 12v+ 12v-, or any of the combinations that come up for DC supply. The Musical Fidelity X10V3 for example uses a 24 volt center tapped DC supply where as the original X10 series does not. I may be off track to the intended idea of the original post, but it gets me to thinking as to what purposes a company like PS Audio could come up with.