DirectStream Power Plant - an unexpected TV bonus!

Many years ago I moved from a house with dedicated mains power link and a ground earth solution for my music system to an apartment where I have enjoyed the benefits of PSAudio Powerplants.

After more than 10 trouble free years with a Powerplant Premier, I changed last year to a DirectStream Power Plant 15. This gave me extra power outlets, 2 more than I needed for my music system. As we don’t use the music system and our AV system at the same time – I decided to try using the 2 unused power outlets for the TV and the AV Receiver.

The PowerPlant is, of course, mainly for the music system (e.g. short links to system components) so it took some extra long shielded cables to reach the TV and Receiver.

I was very surprised and pleased with the result. The TV picture has much better definition and the colors are better too – a very noticeable improvement.

Its a great visual demonstration of the benefits of PSAudio Powerplants !


Welcome @gdborch
Congratulations on the upgrade, and thank you for sharing your experience.

Congratulation on your P15 power plant, it good to hear that extra benefit.
I just wonder you don’t have the iptv services in your country ?

Great story! I found the effect so pronounced that I bought two P3s just for two of my tvs and made sure my P20 was being used with my projector (no easy feat).

Congrats for your setup. would you mind posting pictures of your tv (with and without the powerplant) for the non-believers?

There is a discussion of the topic here:

They interviewed Nic Poulson, who’s been making conditioners and regenerators longer than Paul. One of his companies makes a conditioner specifically for the needs of TV and AV, which he explains is quite different from HiFi. The product, discussed on page 2, is still very popular and costs less than 10% of a P15. It is no good for HiFi.

However, if you do have spare capacity on a power plant, this article indicates it should certainly be of benefit.

I went through this same thing 3-4 weeks ago when I got my P12. PS Audio even kind of frowns on plugging in your OLED TV because of the draw to benefit. But it made a massive difference in my setup. I wouldn’t claim better colors or pop but it sure as hell made 720p look more like 4k programming. All the noise which I thought was inherent of LCDs and OLEDs is pretty much gone. By noise, I mean walk up to your screen and look at the pixels. They’ll be blinking and doing crazy stuff. Plug it into a power plant and watch again. They’re just cleaned up and so you get far better resolution. HDR is one area where I’ll say has better ‘pop’. Vivid. A good example is watch a star wars light sabre fight without the TV plugged into a power pland. Then watch the same scene again with it plugged in. You’ll notice far less ghosting and color bleed. Again, like you’ve increased the resolution. I’m very happy with the P12 for both the audio side and the video side. I couldn’t live without it. If I ever have time, I’ll post some pics. But who knows how they’ll come out with phone camera compression.