PS Audio DACs: Present and Future

Thx, @tedsmith :+1:
I am in the process of installing and trying it now.
It was said to be the ‘DS final version’ which I interpret as Ted being fully occupied with finalizing the TSS from now on.
But at the same time it was stated a while ago that some iterations may surface for the DS along with the work and discoveries done on the TSS.
So, is the Sunlight adopted from this work, or if not so, can you state with confidence that this will be the last (planned) update?

Has anyone tried SACD’s?

I get two loud pops (one second apart) when the DMP drawer closes, a third pop when I start the track, and a fourth pop when I stop a track. Anyone else?

The next hardware coming is the DS Mk II which is basically a cost reduced TSS in one box. The TSS comes after that.
It’s getting very hard to find the parts for the DS so a DS Mk II makes sense from multiple perspectives.
The software tools to work on the DS are not supported anymore either.
The Sunlight software used some of the TSS code.


I was getting up to date in the TSS thread and just discovered the DS MKII plans, so it makes sense :slight_smile:
I reckon the nominal output level on the MKII balanced outputs will be the same as the TSS and not the DS MKI.
I also hope for a reverse polarity feature on the I2s LVDS.

Keep up the good work!

Yep and Yep.


TED, if a separate regulated winding for the analog card and the better Edcor transformers are two main differences between Mk I and Mk II and if two noticable features of the TSS (separate chassis for analog and digital and Jensen Transformers) are not part of the Mk II…what except the stronger FPGA and the further firmware upgradability are main upgrades to a fully modded Mk I? Know there are some, but have no guess how significant the rest of those differences are compared to the before mentioned ones. I know this is no question for a meaningful answer :wink:

The whole Mk II thread has improvements listed. Double reclocking between the FPGA and the digital switches. Optional ground isolation everywhere is very significant in many systems. Standard output levels and the option of 6, 12, 18, 24 and 30 attenuation can help many systems to better integrate in the Mk II. Better digital/ground isolation between the digital and analog cards. The ability to power down the unused USB and/or I2S inputs. The ability to use two AES3 inputs ganged together for higher rate PCM and DSD. Less noise from the power supplies and from the display. Similarly no bridge in the box to lower noise. Quieter analog power supplies…


Thanks very much for the recap Ted!

While some points you mentioned seem rather comfort related and some also addressed by a modded Mk I, I get the rest of them, it seems they are mainly the grounding and digital switch topics but for sure some more.

Hope to be able to listen to sunlight soon and look forward to it!

So you are removing all you had told us was great in the DS Mk II such as the bridge

I don’t understand what you are trying to ask or say.

The bridge was great an now " no bridge in the box to lower noise."
The real reason is not sound but the fact that the MkII + the standaolone bridge will be much more expensive than the MkI + bridge.
See the aurender30 : all in one box. Many of the new really high end DACs are with steamers included.

The Bridge causes a lot of noise in the current DS and DS Jr. People that don’t use the bridge function report better sound for all other inputs when the bridge is physically removed.


Are there plans for the DD II to incorporate the airgap galvanic isolation feature in the output stage that apparently has made a big difference in the latest transport?

All inputs and outputs in the DS Mk II are galvanically isolated. They also have optional ground lifts. There is also a digital isolator between the digital and analog cards.



+1 on the Aurender.

I have an A10. Non Roon use except for Airplay (casting) though.

You’re 100% right. But the A30 is roon ready

Did not know that. Is it RAAT capable? See link below…

And $18,000 so not price comparable or even close.

And Aurenders hold market price pretty close.