Sunlight: Sound Impressions

Which is probably as it should be. :slight_smile:

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I’d take the DR numbers listed for vinyl with a grain of salt.

Thanks. I concluded DR isn’t a reliable means of determining mastering quality. A different database is needed… And likely does not yet exist.

It’s the most reliable method we have today. It’s not fool proof to be sure. But, it has proven to be a good indicator that the mastering is worth evaluating.

Just my experience that I thought I couldn’t live with Sunlight after IC, speaker etc tweak. I changed the digital fuse to a not so expensive one, then I don’t need to go back to Windom. It might work for you?

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I had this issue using Audioquest USB cable. I switched to a Pangea Audio Premier SE USB Cable and no more boomy bottom.

I hates it when I has a boomy bottom, hates it I say…


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