Sunlight: Installation and Technical Issues

Lonson’s suggestion is a good one. Also, have you unplugged any I2S devices and powered the DS off for, say, 5 or 10 minutes before turning it on?


Thanks everybody for your help

I had unplugged everything. The following day, it worked. I wonder if my 2 Go is not a bit too old, like me

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hmmmmm, maybe I’ll try that.



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So, I followed the steps in the README file and Sunlight installed just fine. Then I flipped the rear power switch on the DSDSnr off, removed the Sunlight SD card, reconnected the I2S and ethernet leads, inserted a blank SD card and flipped the rear power switch on. The unit booted up but the screen was blank, or at least the image was so faint as to appear blank. After some trial and error, the cure to restore a normal screen was to power off and remove the I2S, ethernet and crucially the power lead, leaving the unit off for a good five minutes, before reconnecting the power lead, powering on, and then reconnecting the I2S and ethernet leads only after the unit had initialised.

All good now. Sunlight is great. Many thanks Ted.


I upgrade my DSJ to sunlight today and have a problem.

It couldn’t auto-switch between different inputs… I have to push a button in the remote, volume up/down, to activate it…anyone has this problem? how to fix it?

I’ve downgraded to windom again, and the auto-switch of inputs works fine…the moment a new signal comes in from a different input, it switches instantly and automatically…

There were discussions a few months ago about getting this bug fixed. I heard the team was going to work on it but it wasn’t a high priority. So far I’m not aware of any way to make it start working again.

thanks for replying. it’s ok for me as long as it’ll eventually be fixed…really like the sound of sunlight. i’ll use windom for now, auto-switch is pointless right now. if i have to push a button to activate it, i might as well push input button to switch manually…

Hi, would like to know the improvements sunlight v2 makes.

One of them is that the auto-switching of inputs on Dsj works again.

The only FPGA change is the bug fix for changing things like mute and input select. PS Audio can correct me if I’m wrong, but I don’t think there are any other changes.

Thanks to all for fixing these issues!

Yep, those are the only fixes/changes that were done with the new load.

Wait, there’s a new Sunlight load?

Just for the Jr


Thanks Ted!

Right, just to fix a minor bug with the DSJ firmware only.

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I downloaded the new firmware and just tested it. It does fix the auto input select bug.

Thanks Ted and PS Audio for fixing this.

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I searched this entire thread for something similar to my concern, didn’t come up with anything, so if this had been addressed or brought up before, sorry before hand.

My issue: Direct Stream DAC, not jr.

This could be something unrelated to sunlight, since I’ve updated the firmware when it came out, everything is fine except occasionally, When the dac is in standy mode for a couple of days, (meaning: the hard power switch in the back is on, but the PS audio logo button is pressed to “power off” the DAC), there will be no sound when my source through coaxial input is played when the DAC is turned “power on” again with the PS logo button. I have to hard reboot the DAC for it to function again.

Where should I begin to look to address this issue?


I’ve seen that if there’s a power glitch. The control processor notices the power glitch and mutes the output, but if the glitch isn’t big enough to cause the rest of the system to reboot everything else is fine. I’ve been confused by this behavior a time or two.

Thanks Ted,

it makes sense, there had been thunder storms in the neighborhood two days ago.

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