Superisobaric loading

Can isobaric loading, in an ideal setup with lots, I mean, a alot of drivers in a very low resonant frequency casing with optimized frequential reflectivity and absorbancy, and so on, act as a relatively compact infrasubwoofer?
Couldn’t a quite large isobaric array act as an effective infrasound subwoofer that takes relatively little space, compared to, say, the fan-driver based construct that takes about half a room… I mean, isn’t isobaric loading basically effective for lots of situatons, despite doubling the power - we have power so why not use it…

I could have a couple of fair quality 15" woofers for quite cheap, I was thinking of building an isobaric loaded subwoofer with them… Just for fun. It’s not terribly hard at all to calculate the correct chamber volumes, right? …right?
Should I use 1cm birch ply such that it’s damped like ply-butylrubber-ply, so 1cm ply x2 with butyl sandwiched between?