DIY isobaric loading, need tips

I’m looking to build a concept speaker that involves isobaric loading in a bottom-vented acoustically separated bottom enclosure.
I guess I I could easily attain full-range performance with two 10" drivers, I’ll just have to find ones best suited for this purpose, not too expensive.

I was considering these Peerless woofers since low distortion has been a design emphasis:

Would I be okay with those Peerless drivers? Do suggest something in the price range if you know better. Also, general tips about isobaric loading appreciated. This will be the first speaker I’ll build.
The broadband mid/high drivers I’ll be using are -3dB down at 45Hz. What would be an optimal low-pass for the isobaric drivers?

I guess the woofers don’t matter that much as per this application, given that they’re sufficient?

But should I filter the woofers where the main drivers have their -3dB, and conversely filter the main drivers not to accept anything lower (they’re very sensitive to distortion so don’t want any vinyl surface noise wobbling them, etc)