Surround lubrication

What do you use for keeping your (vintage… and why not modern) rubber surrounds in perfect condition?
I just recently took note of this necessity and treated my monitors with vegetable glycerol… What a difference, even though these were brand new 6 years ago…! The bass is more effortless and a bit deeper, this is also heard as the rattling of a few furniture items that were dormant before.

There is scarce info on surround lubrication on the web, I’ve digged up just a few mentions of glycerol and silicone being used.
Are there perhaps even specialty products for this purpose?

How did you apply it? Do you think dust will stick to it as opposed to the naked rubber?And is there any chance that it might degrade faster than the rubber?

I applied it with a piece of cotton.
I let it stay for awhile and eventually most of it was absorbed by the rubber. If there’s too much you can see the surplus after a few days and wipe it off.

Thanks, I have a couple of ancient JBL 12" Subs, they look and sound good but they’re old enough that a little TLC might be a sensible approach b4 having to put in new surrounds entirely. Cheers