Solid Tech Hybrid Isolation System

First component of my system rebuild has just arrived and sitting in it’s big box (P20). Reason this was my first block in my rebuild after determining what I was keeping was we recently did solar panel installation on my house and I believe the inverter etc has affected my supply and sound.

I picked it up from my dealer (audio) yesterday and in conversation with them they mentioned that recently they had done a major implementation (serious $$) and spent a number of days finishing it off addressing equipment support. The product they found to have the best impact in a Luxman/ps audio / b&w 801 system was achieved thru solid tech isolation footers And I was wondering if any other members of the community has tried these products as I am interested to here your views on them…

Thanks Gareth

Do you know which product, seems like they have a few different type of feet/footer type products:

They where using the product disc of silence

I have not used the Solid Tech products. If you first want to try a very inexpensive spring based footer you could consider Nobsound footers. I had good results isolating my turntable platform using them. They are adjustable for different size components and different levels of damping. Given the price difference the Solid Tech products might have higher quality parts or much better tuning design. However, at around $30 the Nobsound might be an interesting spring based footer to start with.

I got the Nobsound spring footers to isolate my turntable platform from hits to the audio rack. Now, if I accidentally bump the rack while a record is playing there is no loud thump picked up by the turntable. There is no sound at all. I am not sure how well the footers help with other vibration issues. I use Herbies footers for electronic components.

Here’s a link:
Nobsound Footers


thanks - i’ll let the P20 burn in and start playing around

Picked up a couple of sets of the acrylic model and it’s early days but so far I’m impressed with the isolation and adjustability to dial them in


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Thanks - think I’ll grab a set and start playing p20 just burning in at the moment…