Surround processor with DS DAC

Since Win 11 I have not been able to use my DAC for streaming with urendu and Matrix-X. I’m planning to get a surround processor to help the situation. How do you set up a system with DS DAC with a surround processor and Oppo 205. I hope the Matrix-X will fit into the mix. I plan to sell the urendu and Sbooster power supply. I’m looking at Monolith monoprice htp-1, NAD M17 V2i, KRELL Foundation 4K , Or Mcintosh mx123. Any suggestions appreciated.

This is not so critical now that I just discovered that Audirvana now works with Windows 11. This surround search has been interesting.

I have this setup. I have the Directstream DAC, and the Rendu Signature SE for streaming via a Matrix. I wanted to keep the processor NOT in the picture, but be able to use my 2 channels for Movies as well. I Use a Parasound P7 as the PreAmp. This lets me 2.1 and 7.1.4 for movies with the same sub and L/R speakers. Would have been nice not to have a Pre and go straight to amp with DAC, but then its a switcher instead of a pre… figured I would go with Pre instead of switcher. The Parasound does trigger on for the extra amps as well. The Oppo goes through the processor. But the P7 has 2 7.1 bypasses if you wanted the analog going to the pre as well (if you have 205 some like that setup). The P7 really fits well integrating a good 2 channel DAC setup with a home theater.

I have been using passive switch boxes to route URendu/ Matrix-X DS DAC and Oppo 205 LF and RF to the same amp and speakers plus the subs. The DAC requires RCA Y splitter to the subs. I have an inline capacitors to the subs. I have this coming today:

Lyngdorf MP60 so I still don’t know how I will use the DS DAC. It doesn’t look like it has the same Pre In and Outs as your Parasound P7. It does have HDMI 2.1. Maybe that can be used?

MP60 - have you ordered the optional digital out card to connect to the DS?

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No, I have not. I was not even aware one existed. Which card is it and do you know where to get it? Does it provide i2s HDMI connection? I was hoping for some help here. You are it. Thanks. The unit comes today.

On this page, below the specifications section there is a link to the AES manual.

The DS has XLR (AES/EBU) input, so should be able to take digital signals from the MP60.

No I2S out as far as I can see, but for me it is the possibility to use the DS as the DAC for R/L signal in a home theatre set-up along with some other DACs I have for some of the other channels as well.

I have a DMP that uses the I2S into the DS, but only for 2 channel (not going to purchase 2 more DS or Junior to achieve I2S multichannel from the DMP).

I would think a Lyngdorf dealer should be able to order such a card for you.

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Paul gave a talk on the multiplex connections of SPDIF, COAX, Toslink and AES (balanced) all are reduced down and must be re-expanded in the next processor. Whereas i2s is not multiplex and the digital data makes direct connedtions. That is why many people here use Matrix-X to send i2s to the DS DAC. At first, I was hoping that the MP60 would send i2s. It will all come together eventually.

Not sure how that would be used. I have never seen it before. looks like the outputs maybe assignable but does not look like it has any sort of anlaog input. Pure digital. The reason I love the P7 (and the P5/6) is that they do analog Subwoofer output from the 2 ch. input.and that sub output when using the 7.1 bypass uses the .1 from that to power the sub. perfect integration with my setup. If I even get a couple of RELs into the mix and use the speaker high level to control them, then I could use pretty much any ol pre that has bypass 2.0. This one is specific for integration with HT with the sub.

The Digital out on my Lyngdorf TDAi2200 only sends a 96K signal but it does have RoomPerfect filters your MP has same limitations. You could then run the RCA and XLRs to your amp or inline Preamp for front left and Right Channels

The McIntosh MX150, MX151 and MX 160 has analog inputs. To accept the DS analog outs then the processor. The current Lyngdorf processors or McIntosh HT RoomPerfect livensed processors have no Analog input boards for separate DAC.

I see that to install the digital I/O cards the unit must be sent to Denmark. We’ll skip that part. One reason to keep the DS DAC in the loop is to process MQA for Tidal. I’ll experiment with connections. I’ve got the UltraRendu, Matrix-X, M1 Mini Mac and the DS digital connections to work with. Plus my new router has 12 ports.

So best to order the MP60 with the card installed - good to know. I have several modification items for the DS ready for installation, which means the Bridge II card has to go. MQA via a Roon server/Ifi Zen stream could be a solution for me.

I’d like to learn more about your experiences, so happy to read your posts.

Yes, most people here removed the Bridge II some time ago.That is when UltraRendu and Matrix-X and Optic Rendu started replacing the Bridge II card. There are some newer connedtions I tried to get verified but no responses. Many of us are waiting for the new PSAudio streamer which should be coming out soon. If you are considering the MP60 you should also look at the Trinnov Altitude Trinnov now has an easier room correction help system. It used be set up only by professionals. It’s much easier now,