Direct Stream DAC and Memory Player arriving today!

Hi, I’m new here. I am officially joining the PS Audio family today with the purchase and arrival of the DS DAC and Memory Player! I’ve been reading up on them for months and can’t wait to integrate it into my system. However, I am a bit nervous and worried about just how much the sound will improve on my current system! I have a pair of Focal Aria 948’s, a Rotel RB 1582 MK2 stereo amp, Marantz 8802a Pre-Pro, an Oppo UDP-205 with Audioquest Red River XLR interconnects and a
Furman Elite-15 PFi power conditioner. I’ve had the system for about a year now and have been consistently blown away at the sound I get from cd’s and SACD’s out of the Oppo UDP 205 and just cant fathom the sound getting better in my set up! Can someone put me at ease (or not) and let me know how the PS Audio DS DAC and Memory Player will fare in this set up?!


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Welcome! You need the Oppo to play mqa-cd’s, but i’m convinced you really will not regret your buy :wink:

Welcome! I bought a DS Sr about a month ago. Previously I was using an Oppo 105, Marantz Dac1, and a Chord Mojo. While all sounded incrementally better, I fully auditioned my DS Sr. last night after being on, and burning in for the last month. I would pop in listen to the DS ,and be on the fence if it was truly better. Last night the DS blew me away. The clarity, and musicality was soooo nice. I am now extremely glad I purchased it!

My advice to you put it in your system and play it nonstop for a month. Then get a glass of your favorite beverage, load up your favorite music, and get ready to get goose bumps.

Welcome to the PS Audio Community. DS + DMP is a large financial investment, your faith in the brand will reap its rewards both now and into the future.

Suggest you read the topics in this forum relevant to your new hardware. There is a lot of information there.

I’m not sure if new member can post pics in this forum…just try, we’d love to see your new PS Audio gear when the installation is done.

Yes, Welcome to the PSA Community. You have bought well: - I too use both products and they’re extremely musical. I can’t comment on the rest of your setup as I have no first-hand experience with the equipment you use… But as Brodric said simply do a search and you will find all you need to know and more besides about the DS & DMP… I am sure the DS & DMP will surpass your expectations…

Pictures are welcome from everyone. Post away!

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Well… Everything was hooked up two days ago and just yesterday started playing some ( didnt have a lot of time tho). Upon first listening I have to say I am disappointed. I A/B’d between my Oppo UDP-205 and the DS DAC and DMP and I have to say it sounds on PAR with the Oppo in my system. So I don’t know if the units need to be broken in (I read 2 weeks the DAC on and DMP spinning a disc 24/7?), my system isnt high end enough to reveal or what? I read the sound really opens up after the break in period but i dont know. I’m going to run it 24/7 for two weeks to see. Now, I did get the DS DAC used but I’m pretty sure it was barely used and it does have the Torreys firmware installed. The DMP I bought new. I plan on upgrading to Huron and Redcloud to see if that helps? But darn, right now I’m just bummed it sounds on par with the Oppo. I was definitely expecting more. I hope it comes…

Upgrade to Redcloud and you’ll hear a complete new DAC!

Many find the DAC needs 100s of hours of break-in. Feed it a digital system non-stop for a couple of weeks. Note that the rest of your system need not be on, the DAC only needs to be connected to the pre or amp. Also, invoking the -20dB attenuator hastens break-in.

As wijber notes, the new firmware is a substantial improvement.

yup. when im not listening to music I have had it on with my pre amp and amp off. When I activate the attenuator is that when the sound gets really low? is that the selection I want? What is that for? Why does the sound get so low?


Yes, that is the attenuation switch. It is there to allow one to match gain in your particular system, especially if you are running directly to an amp. Invoking it makes the output stage of the DAC work harder, speeding break-in.

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I think that’s possible. You can’t expect the differences people hear in 100k setups from a 10-20k setup surrounding your new source. It’s still that good, you possibly just can’t experience it yet.

ok i will put it on when i turn off everything else. Stevie Wonder Innervsions SHM-SACD spinning now! Ill leave that spinning all day. About to go out for whole day.