Temperature issues with PS Audio PowerPlant P1000

Good evening to all.

Recently I become a happy owner of the best power regenerator in the world :wink: - PS Audio Power Plant P1000-GR (serial number P10-4B001) which I use in my stereo/HT system. I connected 2 Macintosh MC-601 power amps to “Filtered AC” receptacles and Mcintosh C52 preamp, Classe Sigma SSP home theatre processor, Universal player OPPO 105D into Regenerated AC receptacles. When I turn PSA P1000 on it becomes to warm up. and after 15 min of all equipment in standby mode it become a 94F/34,4C (sometimes even more) having only between 30W to 50W of load. I don’t understand is it normal or not, because in manual not a word about operational temperature, but it seems the temperature is too high for so small load. May be someone can help to get information what is the normal operating temp for PS Audio PowerPlant P1000?

<img alt="" src="http://i1280.photobucket.com/albums/a491/Andrewzakon/IMG_3526_zpssba8o1ww.jpg" width="644" height="482" />

The older PowerPlants certainly ran warmer than later generations, partly because they are not as efficient (if I recall correctly, something like 50% efficient versus 85% for later models). I couldn’t say if this is normal or not for your model. Maybe someone from PSA will chime in.

That’s right and just idling they’d get hot. This sounds like normal operation to me. Nice setup, by the way!