Tempted to buy these speakers

I’ve heard these odd looking stand mounted speakers a few times, and I was blown away with their preformance, considering their price and relatively small size.

They would be great speakers to use with my flat screen TV if I can manage to find room to place them.

Just read the description. Too many cosmetic and possibly functional defects with the speakers.

I love TMR but I never buy anything with “Age-Unknown”.
Also this would totally throw it out for me…:
“including a crease and a small crack in the dust cap of one woofer, a pinprick in the surround of the same woofer and a small crease in the dust cap of the other woofer.”


I’m surprised they’re trying to sell these speakers, considering the defects they have in the drivers.


I’m with you on the “Age Unknown” thing…to me it’s just an issue of laziness on the part of the seller.

The age of a component or speaker matters, and there are ways they can figure it out, or at least estimate based on assumed date of manufacture.

Techradar reviewed the back in October 2008.

I’ve bought a few newer items from TMR and was well pleased. However they could be more forthright in describing older products. As mentioned, instead of “age unknown” they could list the date range of production. They do sell a lot of speakers that have condition issues that aren’t reflected in the price IMO. However, the ability to return items that don’t meet expectations is not common among sellers and that likely accounts for some of their premium pricing. The ability to return a purchase that doesn’t perform as expected is one reason I consider them a great source for used equipment.


I’ve purchased from them several times and have been quite happy with the results. As with anything used, buyer beware.