Termite trap

As luck would have it we will need to have our home tented for termite control. Those who live in the south know whats that’s about. Anyway, I’ve been wondering what protection my spekers and electronics need is any?

None, in my experience (East Tennessee).

B/C the “control” is an outside/perimeter application.

Tearing stuff up for restoration would be another matter.


Tenting is different than either perimeter application or cutting into drywall or worse.

I would ask what chemicals are used and find out what they do to plastics and rubbers. I’m thinking about the speaker driver surrounds. Electronics shouldn’t care but I would certainly cover them so no ‘fog’ settles inside or on them.

Anyone South of where it freezes deep each winter has termites.

I just realized I mistook “tented” for “testing”. I see why you might be concerned.

None. Termite control agents are liquids that get injected into the ground and strongly bind to the soil. No need for any protection for speakers or electronics.

If barrier control has failed and termites are already in the home, and they need to be fumigated, that is bad luck. They aren’t usually discovered until significant damage is done, requiring extensive repairs. Probably worthwhile to move everything out of the house so the little critters can be puffed into the never-never.

Scotte, I’m in Upper East Tn (Elizabethon), you?

Thanks for all the replies. We have had a contract for 20 years for termite control;. Our battle has reached the terminal phase( for the termites I hope). Yes the house needs to be abandoned and covered. I agree the speakers are the main concern. I think I will wrap them in heavy plastic. My system is PC based consisting of the stellar stack with the M700 monos and Wharfedale Jade 5 speakers.


(No fun!)

Good luck to you.