I am tempted to use a Zerosurge "in front" of my new P15s ... (to protect the P15s in this crazy TX storm season)

Here in Denton, TX, we have simply amazing electrical storms. Nearly every item (which is NOT protected by a ZeroSurge series-type surge suppressor) in my house and barn has been damaged by surges over the past two years. These storms are getting worse, not better. I am tempted to place a ZS suppressor between the wall and my two new P15s. (to protect the P15s and their internal circuitry). Is this a good idea???

I only use Zero Surge units on everything in my house. I think my last count was 12 of them. My neighbors have lost everything while I’ve been fine in multiple neighborhoods. I’m in FL where storms are daily.


Great topic.

Currently have whole house surge suppressor at power
meter. Along with that I’m using TrippLite Isobars for
fridge, washing machine…and APC upi for computers.

We experience some very strong lightning storms.
When these appear on the local weather maps …
P15 is unplugged from wall outlet…all my gear is
protected. Thank God!!

Best wishes


Given the scenario you described, I would be willing to sacrifice some sound quality for safety—if there actually is an effect on sq.
That said, can’t you just reroute the inlet to the P15 directly to the wall when you’re actively listening?

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I have a full house surge suppressor and I am only about 20 miles south. I leave my P20 plugged in. It has faulted a few times in a couple years. Life is too short to be worrying about unplugging everything. Likely too much wear on an expensive power cord plugs and after market outlet.

That is why one buys insurance.


Whole house surge suppression seems to be a great starting point.

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