Tesla Controversy

Tesla continues to make waves: clicky

Oy. Leave him in peace, I say.

As do I. Additionally, he was not a religious type.

Good read. And thanks. I always tell who ask about Edison. That we really owe it all to tesla. It’s a shame how he died in poverty and half crazy. As Edison stole all his notoriety. The man made almost anything electrical. And a small lousy museum is all we have of him. And the place had to renovated as it was kept in shambles. They say the us government has files on some of his not released inventions. One is supposed to be an earth quack machine. Edison was a very smart business man . I wonder just how much he really invented as he had many people working for him. Is there anything you know of him elk .

Have you seen the movie the prestige . Tesla was a character in the movie


To be fair Edison had a lot of other inventions too.

I know he did , he was a much better businessman then I. And I respect him for that. But it does bother me that he used his influence to discredit and destroy tesla . He was unethical for the time for sure. What bothers me is most do not know the man existed . And nothing bares his name .


What about the rock band Tesla, and the car company Tesla, and the Tesla power conditioner line?

And the deliciously fun Tesla coil:

Ready for Dr. Frankenstein’s laboratory. :))

I’m building one just like it i my back yard.

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That pond… bigger than I remembered. :smiley:

I built one in high school I won a award for it. When done it lite all the fluorescent lights in the room.

I convinced 10 kids to chip in on it.

Really cool I smoked the teachers radio though but he was cool about it.

Apparently the radio had coils inside. It stop working. It would have been cool

If it really smoked. I have a high voltage lisc and use a glow stick

I needed it for above 600 volts. Changing 4200 vt transformers.

I do not do this work anymore.


Word has it that Don did a little Tesla coil experimentation back in the day. Mabe a few other things, too. :wink:

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And he thought this looked good.

Al, it just occurred to me that you were not on the forum when we previously discussed Tesla. I posted this article primarily because we had talked about him before. I am glad you are also interested.

Yes I am

I am sure I do not have all my facts perfect

But he was a great inventor.

Anyway good read

As far as I am concerned we would not have anything of what we had today without him.

And me Edison invented many things

But the one he is known for was not even his at all.


If Tesla had not existed the delivery of electrical energy would have been less effective. We should have generators and would surely be trying to pedal in front of our hifi system to power it.



We use beaver on a treadmill up here for that.

Some of them also cook.

I prefer jumping frogs to produce alternative current. And I eat them too :wink:

Ah, we eat those here too. our beavers cook them. :stuck_out_tongue: :">

Jeez, G, If you guys are eating Frogs, no wonder they want to secede from the rest of Canada! >:)