Power plants remote names

As I have a situtaion of having now 4 power plants now and soon to be 7. And I really do enjoy using the remote control from my phone or iPad. Pretty cool to warm the stuff up before we get home . However even though I have given my devices unique names it does not appear on the website for control. Now this is not cool as serial numbers are not easy to remeber . So hey how about fixing this ps audio a little help hear .


Very good idea.

7? really?

oink oink


Well my life is a little complex and add to it the fact that I have no patience and a right now attitude and there you go the recipe for insanity in audio. I know at some level I am just crazy, but I do prefere eclectic

Is that the correct word ?



words don’t matter.

Just sounds like you are having a lot of fun and thanks for sharing that with us. :-h

Al, maybe “eccentric” rather than “eclectic” but we get the drift. And we’re jealous.

Hey I am old I think I am all of the above lol.

And I heard the Wilson’s great speakers .


I love my Wilson’s but my budget still has not recovered two years later.

Well we all shoot the budget to hell don’t we. I watched an interview with trump . It was regarding his home here in NYC. When asked what was the budget , he said I had no budget and went over that too. Or something to that effect.


That’s one more thing I don’t have in common with The Donald. It’s a long list.

Hahahaha yea me either but I do wish I did.


So you’d like to have his hair? :wink:

Lmao. If I had 10% of his money to spend I where a wig


I saw him at a benefit many years ago. The hair was truly scary. Not of this earth if you ask me.