Who here remembered Nickola Tesla Died a Yong Age?

Being an EE, I always remembered the genius died in a relatively young age, and was sad that what could’ve been if he had lived long.

Then, coulple months ago I saw a video on youtube with a old Tesla(he died at 86 in this universe), and I was like… WTF… that’s not some detail I’d remembered wrong… but didn’t really think too much of it.

However, this detail keeps bugging me till today… so I decided to do a search and found a reddit post of people experiencing the same thing… What a crazy/great time we are living in.

Now back to my music.


There’s a conspiracy conjecture in there somewhere :slight_smile:

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All I know is, one or more timelines were merged into the current one. Don’t ask me how I know that. But, I DO know cables make a difference! :laughing: :crazy_face:

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Ah the Mandela Effect!



haha, that’s funny, I owned the whole box set of the show, and swear I don’t remember this scene.


:rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

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I thought :sunglasses: he was alive and building cars somewhere!


There was a Doctor Who episode with Jodie Whittaker as The Doctor, where actors played Nikola Tesla and Thomas Edison during their quarreling time. Was an interesting episode.


David Bowie played Tesla in the prestige.

Just out of curiosity, where and when did you hear that?

Unimportant and don’t remember, it’s like something I thought I knew like what is the melting temp of ice, just common knowledge for everyone, until I saw the Youtube video.

Welcome to the forum!

This is the obvious pop culture reference…

Phew, I remember this episode, and the plot is the way I remembered it! haha

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Ah yes - good point :smiley: