That Dang PS Audio

PS Audio got more money out of me today. Yes - I purchased the BHK 250 in black. I already own the BHK Pre-Amp and BHK 250 amp. I plan to put a second system together and since the BHK 250 with tubes is being discontinued - So why not own another BHK 250 as a back up or for a second system amp. I am a tube guy all the way ever since my wife gave me a 100 watt tube amp in 1996 for Christmas. The BHK 250 is flat out a great amp. I am 70 years and have heard some great amps over the years and this amp ranks in the upper echelon of power amps. One can chase the absolute sound or know your priorities and ENJOY the MUSIC. I am now semi-retired (consultant part-time) and can say the BHK combo has greatly added to my musical enjoyment.


Cool. If you like it that’s what counts!

Even better if you can still squeeze your butt cheeks together to lift it.

I have a son and neighbor to do the lifting. Lucky me.


I have BHK 600’s (115 lbs ea.) and I am just able to lug them into place. Long distances require some ingenuity, or as my wife says, stupidity.


Awesome 600 amps. I have a varnished and polished board that I sit the BHK250 on then slide it along the carpet. Very easy - never have to pick it up to move.

That works. The moving assist show above is basically a hand dolly…a plywood platform on some castors.

It definitely isn’t easy moving my 185lbs amp around.