BHK 250 - Thank you

I would like to thank all those who replied to my many questions concerning the various BHK amps.
I purchased the BHK 250 in black one week ago. Not shipped yet, as I am in Las Vegas on a consulting job. I am a hardcore tube guy: BAT CD Player 6 tubes, Pre-amp Audible Illusions 2 tubes and my amp that died, Golden Tube - 1 6SL7 Input tube - 2 EL34 Driver tubes and 8 EL34 Output tubes. I was in hi-fi bliss for over 20 years. The tube amp was the heart of my system but too many repairs. I look forward to having the BHK250 in my system. Thanks again - Steve


That sounds like the Golden Tube Audio SE100 which I had for a number of years and enjoyed thoroughly. Hope you get years of enjoyment from the BHK 250.

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