The DSS supports USB 3.0, or at least the USB type 'B' connector is a USB 3.0 part

I just realized that the cable I have plugged into the DSS is absolutely a blue powered type ‘B’ 3.0 series. I actually had overlooked this. I always thought it had a 2.0 connector. So I wonder if the DSS actually operates at 3.0 speed or it just has the male 3.0 ‘B’ connector.

The DS is USB 2.0 For some reason they made USB 3.0 downward compatible with USB 2! :slight_smile: The new USB 3.0 signals are on the other side of the USB connector:


LOL. I guess they had “extra” money to spend on terminals. Since the terminal is in fact slightly more expensive. Perhaps not in bulk. That I am not aware of. However, this worked out to be a very good thing for myself personally. I did not even know it. My cable of choice just happened to be 3.0. I was not even aware of this until I happened to pull it yesterday! I entirely figured that the DSS must be 2.0. I was then baffled by the jack. I appreciate your explaining this.

I greatly appreciate that you answered this question! Thank you Ted!

Resurrecting this short topic. I can seem to find any 3.0 USB’s with B end. I can only find the USB BS end.

Any suggestions?



Because that wouldn’t be USB 3.0. What’s your use case? What are you trying to do?

This is USB B Superspeed, which is needed for 3.0, it’s backwards compatible with 2.0 B connector but then you have USB 2.0 only as you’re missing the other pins to make it Superspeed (3.0).


I read in the thread that psa ds sr supports 3.0 usb but, how would that be possible without the BS input?

Thats my confusion.