The importance of supply and demand

All power amplifiers share something in common: they are big valves connecting the amp’s power supply to the loudspeaker. How they do this is really all that differs between topologies in output stages: traditional amps use a variable valve that […]

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Another fun post in a great series.

There certainly are many reasons why a Class D amplifier should not sound good. :)

Maybe so, but Class D has come a long way, and I’ll venture many audiophiles would have trouble telling them apart.

I’m a techno-nurd and not jaded against class D… BRING IT ON! :smiley:


My expectation is PSA’s iteration of a Class D amp will possess superb sound.

Paul’s series of articles delineate however the plethora of potential pitfalls for a designer. Given the many inherent issues it makes sense so many Class D amps sound dreadful.