PS Audio and GaN-based Class D

Are you guys looking to implement (or design) Class D modules based on Class-D FETs? They have much faster switching frequencies and near zero dead time. They are supposed to be the beezneez in Class D, and could REALLY close the gap between Class A/AB.

Just asked Darren about it, and he’s followed the technology for a while. The cost killer is the R&D, which is why they are currently only used in expensive/high-end designs. Has Technics ever made a $17k amp?!? ; )

So for PS it would have to be a BHK-level thing at least, but no plans for GaN’s in the near future, AFAICT.

However, there is something right around the corner that should be Quite Awesome for Not Crazy Money : )

The good thing is that GaN-FETs should be coming down in price, and there are already a few companies with GaN-based modules. :wink:

PS Audio should totally order one and play with it.

Is the Stellar line getting an upgrade??

(Koff, koff)…I dunno what you’re talking about, man.

GaN is fast switching, but the linear range is very small. GaN has mushy compression curves.

Interesting! Is “right around the corner” anytime soon?
I might buy a new amp soon. It would be nice to know what´s new before making the decision.

I was being indiscreet, but I would not buy anything at the moment. Can’t say more than that.

Other than :exploding_head:

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There are reasonably priced GaN amps coming within the year.

:scream: i just ordered a pair of M700’s and a GCD.

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Awesome! let us know what you think when you get them setup and give’em some hours. :grinning:

Ok, I’m getting antsy about this new thing around the corner.

Throw us a bone! Give us some info. :slight_smile:

Purifi modules?


Gotta be the Stellar Integrated Paul mentioned, no? :drooling_face:

They have so many irons in the fire now, I no longer have any idea when it will happen. A shame, because its a no-brainer winner, unless they take too long. But things change all the time.