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I started a podcast and my first guest is Dr. Earl Geddes which you can watch here.

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Much more content coming and not audio specific

More content has been posted and more coming! :grinning:

Ron from New Record Day joins!


Thanks @Elk for the merge.

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Good one. I like how Ron reviews and talks about audio et al. He comes across as completely genuine.

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The inspiring story of Chuck Surack who started in a VW Bus and has grown to over $1B in sales. Chuck is a humble man who does a lot for music education on top of being a business leader in online music instrument and equipment sales.

We all get a chance to hear from 5 Time Grammy Nominated Cookie Marenco. We talk about studio equipment requirements, artist discovery and of course how she records and produces some of the best DSD recordings available on the Sonomoa DSD Recording System. We even talk about NPR’s Tiny Desk Series and The Bluebird Cafe. Any music lover is sure to enjoy this candid conversation!

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Erin tells us how and why she created Georgia Crafted. She has put together themed gift boxes or build your own from her many different talented artisans.

Mitch Barnett of Accurate Sound tells us about his journey to become a leading expert in Digital Sound Processing (DSP). Accurate Sound is a remote service using Audiolense, Acourate and Room Eq Wizard (REW).

We have the pleasure to hear from Chris Connaker the founder of Audiophile Style (Computer Audiophile) on how and why he initially started the forum. The path is sure to surprise you!

Watching now. Interesting path for sure.

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Former Belden Wire Designer Galen Gareis explains how cables need to meet certain standards and the design parameters around them. He also speaks about the actual science and the subjective side within hifi audio.

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Galen is a special mind. I have SPTPC speakers cables for a year and TPC for 2 years before that, along with BAV interconnects as I needed the flexibility for my install.

Thanks for the interview

In this video, Amir of Audio Science Review (ASR) explains his past career and what led to the formation of ASR. He also explains the testing process of electronics and speakers using his $200k of measurement equipment.

Do you love the ABC show, Shark Tank? Supervising Casting Producer Mindy Zemrak is here to tell us about Shark Tank, including how to pitch your winning idea!

Bill Dudleston explains what got him into building speakers and ultimately Legacy Audio. His history is quite interesting! He even talks about Earl Geddes, the late Arnie Nudell and speaks about the powerful Legacy Audio Wavelet. If you manufacture drivers, you might want to hear his request.

In this video, Capt. Mike tells us about the importance of Captains For Clean Water for Everglades Restoration. This is something all boaters and fishers should watch and learn about. Heck, anyone that cares about earth should watch this. Yes, that means YOU! :wink:

In this video, Jim Minadeo of Zero Surge explains how his past Chemistry experience led to a voting machine patent and ultimately becoming the owner of Zero Surge in January 2014 from J. Rudy Harford.