Favorite audio-related podcasts?

We know Paul does his Ohm’s Law podcasts (super short tho… like 5-10 minutes), but what others do you listen to?

John Darko has a pretty good one, not particularly regular/frequent, but enjoyable. (He’s had Paul as well as Darren Myers on in recent episodes.)

Beginner Audiophile is amusing enough. But many of you probably would shun the “beginner” moniker.

Any others?

Lots of music-related ones out there, too, which might be good for a different thread…

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Hi terzinator,

Duncan Taylor and I recently launched our own podcast by the name of The HiFi Podcast with Darren and Duncan.

Also available on most podcast applications.

Check it out!




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Thanks Elk!

sweeeeeet I’ll add it to my list.

Sometimes a guy just needs to decompress and listen to happy pods, vs listening to nightmares about our current political climate!

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Political Beats!

Totally non-political review of great bands’s discographies.

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Your podcast is really great Darren!
Nice to experience some really unbiased talk and you guys who don’t just listen to a few test tracks but are deep into music and really experiencing and experimenting with things on a regular basis and this deep where others just scratch the surface. Even if you also have to go through a few basics, it is what matters what you talk about.

I might start a thread about your podcast here soon if you don’t mind (as it seems you don’t plan communication there), to pick up a few topics here and there.

I’d really like to hang around a bit with you guys to talk about similar freaky thoughts and experiences. Too bad Boulder is not close :nerd_face:

I guess e.g. that one former component I had that might have made it into that sick :wink: circle was a 4ft speaker with Podzus/Goerlich chassis, complete physical time alignment and nearly the complete lower half volume inside the cabinet massive steel (~3 cubic ft each speaker) to build the more than heavy foundation to fixate those speakers to the floor. The bass was firm and accurate, the whole speaker sounded fast all around :wink:
Much of my resonance control is based on heavy bases, soft isolated, just as you plan for your sub…also otherwise quite some parallels…

Keep on like that!

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Thanks jazznut!

Yes, I’ve been busy in the evening here working on the project. Currently in the painting phase - going for a nice light metallic blue to offset them from a green 60’s mid century couch.

I have no problem with you starting threads around our podcast(s) up here - that would actually be awesome!

Let me know if you’re ever around the area and we can meet up.

…would mean a travel overseas, so we first have to limit it to the virtual until you make it to a future Munich show :wink:

Enjoying the recommendation of Rachel Baiman. My wife and I had tickets for Mandolin Orange last fall. Made it to show but I didn’t feel well enough to stay. Super bummed.

You guys are so young to know so much :wink: Love the fresh audio talk.

I find it difficult to tell who is who talking. Very similar voices. Well done, keep it up!


Yeah, I went to the show in Denver last year with the Colorado Symphony. That was fantastic! The only thing that would have made it better was if they had played Wee Bird.

I guess they’re past that stage :frowning:

I just got a chance to listen to your latest podcast on your Top 5 improvements - I thought it was fab that you and Duncan cut through to what really matters - sharing your real world examples helps drive home each point. I appreciate the time and I’ve added to my library.

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Thanks so much, senna1a!

@DarrenMyers I just wanted to say you guys are doing a wonderful job on the podcasts. The explanation of the difference between RCA and XLR circuitry and needs for the difference was great. For a non electronics guy like me it was very clear and understandable.

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That’s great and exactly what we are trying to do. It’s focused on fun and enjoyment but we hope to also educate at the same time.

Thanks for the kind words.


@DarrenMyers ,
I was listening to your #10 today about improving listening skills and I had never thought about the placement of microphones and the difference in what is heard at the venue by the engineer vs. what ends up in the recording and how to “fix” it was enlightening info. It helps to analyze “bad” recordings as well as “good” recordings in a different light. I have never been involved or have any knowledge of the actual recording process in any detail except using a small toy reel to reel rig as a child of the '60’s and playing back on the speakers that were part of the unit.
Be sure and thank Duncan for me too.


Thanks so much for listening, Vern! I’ll make sure to pass it along to Duncan!