The next DirectStream update?

Can PSA give us any info on the next OS release for the DirectStream (Jr)?

See here:

Shaft - can I ask why you ask? Redcloud just came out.

Just wondering what’s going on. Based on previous releases I thought the cycles are short enough that it was worth asking. I’m glad I did. It’s worth hearing about the process. It’s easy to forget about the experimentation
required when we mostly hear about the final results.
Also, I’ll admit that I had in mind a simpler version of how software gets created. If it were just: design -> code -> test -> release, this would be a good time to ask about design. Typically coding and QA take a lot longer than design.

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FWIW Often Paul and/or feedback from the forum give me a direction to work towards. If I can make theoretical progress in that direction I consider it. I think about things for a month or two, sometimes by staring at the wall and other times by letting things percolate in the subconscious. For items that aren’t pure research the coding doesn’t take long at all (a few days), debugging is pretty quick similar time, running objective tests is once again a similar time, but listening to see if the goals were met and that nothing else was lost takes a little longer. Then PS Audio has to do their part including the listening, etc. Historically after I hand it off to PS Audio I don’t get feedback until I get a notice that it’s released :slight_smile:


Was it ever figured out if the pops during dsd playback on the DirectStream were due to the bridge or Redcloud? If part of Redcloud would that be fixed on the next release?

It’s been known to be in the Bridge since about the beginning. Never the less I’d expect them to be fixed with a separate bridge release (hopefully before the next overall update.)

I guess I could add that JRiver 23.0.102 (and the few other 23.xx releases I happed to try last year) are pretty bad at playing DSD - ends of tracks get cut off, horrible sound glitches… I always have JRiver configured for gapless playing and that might be a part of the problem. I also use long buffers, but in a sane world that would make problems like this less likely :slight_smile:

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I do not have the bridge on my DAC, and I have pops, actually more like like “clicks” while play DSD using the Memory Player. It sounds a little like the clicks you sometimes hear while playing LPs. Hope this will be fixed in the next update.

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I have a DSMP and DS DAC. I play DSD sacd’s all the time. I have never ever heard and pops or ticks. Not sure why people are having issues?

My DAC also has the bridge II, I don’t use anything but Roon from I-tunes. Ripped all my redbooks with no noises at all.

Put the 20dB attenuator in. Then turn volume to between 100 and 106. Good chance you will then hear the pops with an SACD.

Put the 20dB attenuator in? I must be missing something?

I’m guessing he’s suggesting, “If you want to hear the noises we’re hearing, try this”

I used to notice them more before Redcloud, contrary to a number of folks who now hear it that didn’t before. For me it was usually when the Jr. Switched from PCM to DSD or back, so it tended to happen when you start a new disc or source. At one point I had my NWPC hooked up at 24/96 via coax, and there was enough noise (I have a very low OP cart, so gain is high) that the DAC switched back to it any time there was nothing else playing. So every time I played an SACD or DSD file, it would tick switching over.

I keep my dac on 100. No issues ever

Have you tried listening with the attenuator engaged?

The dac turned down to 80? Is that what you mean? If not, where is this setting?

I looked it up. When I tap the filter button on remote. The volume goes way way down. Too low for any normal use. So why is this? And what good it that? I’m not up to speed on this one?

This is the setting. Some experience pops with the attenuator on and the volume full up.

The attenuator is good for when you have a very sensitive amp and you are running directly without a preamp.

OK. No need for me. I’m using a BHK pre and soon to be BHK 300’s


I have a DirecStream with Red Cloud and unfortunately I get occasional ticks like on vinyl with both DSD and PCM (Standard CD rips) via USB from a MacBook. I do not have a Bridge II installed. The only solution that I have found to work is to lower the volume on the DS as mentioned in other threads. I have the DS output volume down to 85% and it rarely happens now. However it’s kind of like Russian roulette. You never know when it’s going to occur.

I kind of view this as a serious bug in an otherwise fantastic product.

Here is a screen shot of my config. in case I don’t have the latest version.

Hopefully there will be a fix soon.

Thanks, Alan